This week I got a survey from the Republican National Committee about the Obama Agenda.  Typical of the stuff they usually send out, it was full of fear, uncertainty and doubt, with leading questions like “Do you agree with Barack Obama’s budget plan that will lead to a $23.1 trillion deficit over the next ten years?”  [Weren’t we told that deficits don’t matter just a few years ago?] and statements like “If you don’t like the direction that Obama and the Democrats are taking our country, then the single most important action you can take is to come forward and support the Republican National Committee today.” 

Well, shoot, when you put it that way, let me get my checkbook.  I mean, I do believe everything I read, and they do say in the letter that they stand for “conservative principles of low taxes, small government, personal responsibility, and a strong national defense.”  I think some of those things are important too, contrary to the actions of the government for the last several decades, and…

Hey, wait a minute.  Where were these “principles” when the Republicans were in power?  I suppose the expansion of Medicare benefits was something that had to be done to stave off the Democratic threat, so people would vote for them?  But they really *are* for limited government, when possible [e.g. NEVER].  And “Homeland Security” and expansion of the government into our privacy – personal responsibility aside, that was important for “national security”, right?  And it was a purely defensive move to invade Iraq to secure the oil rights – after all, the best defense is a good offense, or vice versa – something like that…

Uhh…    [Putting checkbook away.]  All sarcasm aside, the Republican party has serious issues with the disenfranchised core of the party.  Many of the “agenda” items that they ask about [criticize] in their “survey” [fundraiser] would have been the same if McCain had won.  This is not to say that I’ve become a Democrat, or an Obama supporter.  Frankly, I think his rapid turn toward socialism [complete with kudos from Comrade Chavez], his disregard for contract law and property rights in general, and his willingness to sacrifice moral justice for popularity is downright horrifying.  But that’s a topic for another day.

The problem is, although each party demonizes the other, they basically push for the same goals – expansion of their own influence and authority to coddle their own special interests.  I think the Republican Party specifically faces a real crisis of confidence from their conservative majority, the ones they let down when they tried to bring the radicals into the big tent.  I imagine the Democratic Party will have the same problem, if not already, then soon.  Once people see that the nationalization of GM against the “evil bondholders” really hurts them, since those evil bondholders were actually pension funds investing the people’s retirement money in what they considered an asset safer than stocks (since it was supposed to have seniority and be secured by the assets of the firm…)  But I digress.

Until the Republican party has something to offer besides “the enemy of my friend is my enemy” politics, I’m not buying.  Indirectly, I’m supporting both of the parties platforms, since if I don’t pay my taxes, they’ll throw me in jail.  But willingly – no.  I won’t support either.  And the survey – not returned.  Why should I waste my hard-earned money on a leaderless, reactionary, disingenious party?