Just finished reading this very interesting article in Rolling Stone (of all places).  In it, the author links Goldman Sachs to many of the largest financial bubbles of the last 15 years, as well as the Great Depression.  While the language is at times foul (it is Rolling Stone, after all), its a long and interesting read.  It makes me wonder why none of this hits the mainstream business press?  Why Rolling Stone?  Not trying to be a conspiracy theorist or anything, but if even half of the allegations in this article are true (and there seems to be fairly good proof of at least half…), why is no one talking about this?  Is our mainstream press really that blind, or beholden to those in power, that they can no longer be the “bastion of liberty and truth in society” that we always believed (or were led to believe by the movies) they used to be?  Is it really all about politics and money?  Truth, justice and liberty don’t matter anymore?