It’s been a while since I wrote here.  Since then I’ve gotten a Palm Centro (love it, mostly because I was able to get the unlimited data plan from Sprint, so I feel more connected now), started using Google’s Apps for your Domain with my main domain and email address (as well as IMAP access for that – also love it, as it helps me delete messages much less, even though I log on in 3 or 4 places with different mail clients on different computers) (as a side-note, I’ve seen that Google’s Apps for your Domain now has a version for teams to create a short-term team collaborative group – also very cool), started using Google Calendars for scheduling, which have come a long way since the beginning, tested out the free version of GooSync, which so far works flawlessly for syncing my phone calendar with my Google Calendar over the air, subscribed to several new communities, including Facebook, Naymz, and Plaxo Pulse (I’ve also been on LinkedIn for a couple years now.)  With all these new, free and improving tools, I wish I was back in a small business so I could take advantage of all of them (instead of in a bank with a closed network that is more afraid of losing control of everything people do.)  I wish these had been available 10 years ago when I was searching for tools that would do all these things and more.  Lots of new stuff to try out – that’s exactly how I like it!  Now I’m looking for a centralized way to manage all these contacts on the various sites, so I can keep my new phone updated with everyone’s contact information, as well as a way to use Google Talk on my cell phone!  Any suggestions?