I took my USB drive to Japan and it performed pretty well, as long as I was using a broadband connection and English Windows XP. Beautifully in fact – as well as it does here in the States (had to plug it in twice – once as an install, and the second time to actually use it). However, I tried it on Japanese XP and a dial-up connection, and got a lot of errors from Thunderbird about bad password or unable to send password. Perhaps it was the dial-up connection – the computer was trying to download updates from Microsoft and was connected through AOL, so it wasn’t the most ideal of tests… The Japanese XP didn’t seem to have a problem with the U3 drive though.

I didn’t try it on any other computers – I was worried about connecting to public computers and leaving information on the computer or having them infect my drive (plus it was expensive to use them anyway). But overall, I was happy with the performance and loved the fact that I didn’t have to take a laptop with me, but was still able to connect to my email accounts, IM and Internet, at least on the American laptop.