Here’s something that I have been pleased with (hence, not another negative review!).  I bought the 1 GB version of the Memorex Mini U3 USB flash drive from for $25 (great deal, by the way – it was on their deals of the day page) and have been very happy with it.  Not only was it a good price, it’s small (hence the mini) and it comes with the U3 system, which I didn’t know about before I bought it, but found out that it lets you run programs right off of the mini drive.  Not only is this really cool, it’s great if you travel a lot, especially since you can run email, web browsers, virus scanners, openoffice (like Microsoft office, but free), and lots of other stuff on any computer.  I’m headed for Japan soon – I’m going to take this with me instead of a laptop.  Much easier, plus I’ll have access to all my bookmarks and email accounts on any computer that has a usb port.  The drive installs itself as a CD drive, and thus boots the launcher automatically when you plug it in.  Great stuff – I’ll let you know how it works on the trip – I may even have to get the 4 GB one, or wait until they have an 8 GB one!