I bought these headphones for my birthday (Amazon.com for $45), hoping that the additional cost (over and above the Unwired Headphones that I bought earlier) would be justified. No such luck – the only improvement (for my purposes, anyway) for these headphones over the Unwired ones is that these ones have a rechargeable battery with a base station recharger. I should mention, at this point, that, unlike the Unwired headphones, the Sony base station also acts as a wireless transmitter, which is nice if you don’t already have a transmitter in your TV, since you can plug the base station into the headphone port of your TV and get the benefits of wireless TV listening (which I highly recommend, by the way, especially if you watch TV late at night (after kids or a significant other has gone to bed) or if you struggle to hear conversations in sitcoms at normal listening volumes), but I already have that built-in to my TV.

Don’t get me wrong – the rechargeable battery is nice. You put it in, let it charge for 16! hours, and then you are ready to go. But it still has an on/off switch, the ear pads are the same sponge-type material as the Unwired ones (which gets fairly uncomfortable after an hour or so) and the sound quality is about the same as well. Lots of users complained about white noise in the background – I don’t have that so bad, but it does increase as I move further away from the source.

Bottom line, I like these headphones and the rechargeable battery, but I don’t find a whole lot of extra benefit in them to justify spending $15 more than the Unwired ones. Maybe I’ll have to move up one model (price level)…