So my friend Ryan ( was tagged by his friend Ryan (also in this game of “Blog Tag”, and he tagged me.  Apparently, according to the rules of the game, I’m supposed to tell five things about myself that relatively few people know, and then tag five other people to be it.  I’ve been putting this off for a while now, because I’m not really social enough to play these kinds of games, and I’m not really sure if I know 5 other people to tag.  (Actually, that’s two effects of the same cause – my online identity is anti-social. – That make social networking sites and blogging sites difficult, doesn’t it?  Is it even possible in the online world to be anti-social and have a blog?) 

Anyway, 5 things most people don’t know about me?  If I post them on the Internet, won’t that make them 5 things everyone knows about me? Oh the cruel irony of blog tag…

So, since I’ve only shared a couple of facts about me above (they are there if you think about it), I’ll only tag a few other people (the only ones I know with blogs…)

Blake Young, Zoom Agent, and Chris Pirillo (I don’t really know him, but I’ve been reading lockergnome for over 10 years, so I feel like I do – hey, there’s something else that most people don’t know about me…)