So I was talking to my family the other day about politics (boring, I know) and I made the absolute statement based on something I’ve read (I read too much to remember where) that the way to fix Social Security is to make members of Congress subject to it. They have their own pension program, which is pretty good, and they don’t need to rely on Social Security. I made some misrepresentations while spout off though – the pension does change based on years of service (I thought it was the same no matter how long you were elected) and it maxes out at 80% of working income (I thought it was 100%.)

Although it’s a moot point anyway (most of the members of Congress are rich already anyway, so they wouldn’t rely on Social Security even if they had to), my basic contention is still the same. How many companies are finding pensions to be a huge drag on earning and profitability? Is it really a good idea to keep pensions in place for rich members of Congress to “supplement” their wealth?

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