Here’s a few free business ideas – things that I’d like to see developed:

1) I know it’d probably be illegal, but why can’t I check all my webmail from one login? I’ve got all the accounts –,,,, (3 of those actually – great apps). They all have great features and all, and I have used, or do use, all of them in some form or fashion now, but they all want me to pay a fee to forward to another account (except gmail – and I’m way too cheap to pay for free email – I have tons of free email accounts already – why pay for one?) What I need is an aggregator that will pull all my email from each webmail account to a central location and delete it from their servers.

I know – all the free webmail services are paid for by advertising, and I’m suggesting circumventing that, but it’s been done before (POP3 email programs do that all the time) and besides, the thing that really bugs me about all these webmail accounts (well, and at least) is that they don’t allow you to delete the account or forward the mail automatically somewhere else. I’m pretty anal about checking email, and don’t want to miss a message that might be important (like the Nigerian billionaire that keeps promising me money) so I end up checking all these different accounts every day, deleting a bunch of spam, and wasting a bunch of time. (Gmail is an exception to this – I learned today that I can delete an account in Gmail, but why would I want to? It rocks.)

2) I’ve become accustomed to using trillian for instant messaging, but it’s developed features haven’t kept up with the underlying clients (again – free version. It’s tough being cheap…) Plus, the free version doesn’t support the jabber protocol (which Google Talk uses) or video, which msn’s messenger handles quite well. I’ve used gaim in the past, but it is fairly basic at best. I’ve started getting into skype recently, and I don’t think any of the others support it. You can see where I’m going with this… Why can’t all these big companies work together? IMing would explode, wouldn’t it? Or maybe it would stagnate without all the competition for innovation? Maybe I’m just being lazy, but sometimes that’s the best market to approach…