Just read the second half of Ron Paul’s speech in the Daily Reckoning. Great stuff – here’s a quote:

“We must move quickly toward a more traditional American foreign policy of peace, friendship, and trade with all nations; entangling alliances with none. We must reject the notion that we can or should make the world safe for democracy. We must forget about being the world’s policeman. We should disengage from the unworkable and unforgiving task of nation building. We must reject the notion that our military should be used to protect natural resources, private investments, or serve the interest of any foreign government or the United Nations. Our military should be designed for one purpose: defending our national security. It’s time to come home now, before financial conditions or military weakness dictates it.”

Not that I am isolationist by any means, but I do believe, as he points out, that aggressive wars to spread democracy have always ended badly for the United States. Our government doesn’t seem to learn.