Here’s an interesting story – Kevin Zeese of Maryland is running for the US Senate on a united third party ticket. He’s apparently gotten endorsements from the Libertarian, Populist and Green parties, and is challenging the two party system. (See for more details on his philosophy and campaign.) I think it’s a great idea, and I hope he succeeds. Having studied Political Science in college, I’m terribly cynical on his chances (it’s all about power, and to get power, you have to cater to those in power… It’s a vicious cycle, to be sure) but I hope he at least pulls off a good showing. I can think of no better wake up call for the people in Maryland than a third party getting a healthy percentage of the vote – I’d like to see it happen nationwide, and I think 2008 is a good time for it to happen, with all the problems in the government currently. However, given that people tend to localize their own opinions (“I hate what Congress is doing, but it’s not my Senator doing it – he/she is different that all the morons everyone else elects” – now there’s some good marketing!) This next election (2008 – 2006 is not terribly exciting in my opinion yet) is shaping up to be pretty interesting!