I just finished reading Jim Roger’s book “Adventure Capitalist”. Great book – not many good investors can also speak interestingly about how they invest, but he pulls it off. It helps that his subject matter is so interesting, but he’s a personable writer as well.

The premise of the book is that in order to understand a country (to be able to tell whether you want to invest or not) you have to drive through the borders and be on the ground. Jim Roger’s doesn’t feel you can fly in, stay at a 5 star hotel, make a few visits and listen to a few presentations, and really understand the situation. So he, with his fiancee/wife, modified a Mercedes and drove around the world – a three year trip. They had some fascinating experiences and it makes for a really interesting read just on that basis alone. But the investment information is really good as well, from his thoughts on the European Union (suffering under the weight of the pensions and declining population, they really need new blood like Turkey) to his thoughts on NGOs (hates them) to reflections on America at the end of his trip, in which he describes why America is in trouble. Great read if you are at all interested in investing or travel or both.