Why is it that some people fail and others succeed in business and starting a business? Personality type seems too easy of an answer – there are a lot of passionate, highly-motivated people out there that haven’t succeeded, and a lot of people who, when you look at them, you think – “How in the world did they get to where they are?”

Superior product doesn’t always win out (Sony Betamax is now the classic case study, and Sony continues in that fine tradition with memory sticks and a host of other proprietary stuff. Good thing they made so much money with the walkman.)

Superior intelligence obviously doesn’t trump either, since most entrepreneurs will even admit that they aren’t as smart as the people around them (the classic case here is Henry Ford, who was accused several times of being below average in intelligence, which he didn’t deny. He just hired smart people to know for him.)

Self-confidence? How many egotistical successful people do you know, and how many of them are just projecting the image because they believe they are going to be successful one day? (These are the types that commit suicide when their ego is crushed, as inevitably happens, and their whole paradigm crashes around them.)

Luck? Perhaps, but we are always told that you make your own luck, and besides, even if it is luck, you can’t plan to be lucky or unlucky (you can’t really plan to be in the right place at the right time – it seems to just happen.)

A million other factors?