I subscribe to several email newsletters, and fully believe that they are replacing the traditional newsletters at a rapid pace. Why? Cost of delivery is one reason, and speed of delivery is another. A couple of the investing newsletters to which I subscribe send me both an email copy and a copy in the mail. Since the email copy arrives first, I read that one, and then simply file the paper copy when I get it a couple weeks later. This is just one area where the Internet is changing the way we do things, and the way businesses work. Newspapers is another – if you want to read a news story or just general news, do you wait to see if it will be in the newspaper, or do you look it up on the Internet?

Anyway, one of the newsletters I enjoy is called Early to Rise. It’s a very well done, common sense business newsletter that offers a lot of tips on many areas of business life. If you are interested, check it out – www.earlytorise.com or click here. Also, unlike my credit card website, I don’t get anything for referring you – it helps me, so you might also like it.