I’m a cynic. It’s true, although I try to convince myself that it’s not. Why do I try to convince myself otherwise? Because, many of you may have noticed, all the best salespeople are optimists. They have supreme (often over-powering and unjustifiable) confidence in themselves and their abilities, and they are sure that everyone else sees it their way.

That’s not me. I’ve always liked to call myself a realist (which, compared to an overly optimistic person, I am), because I am grounded in reality (It’s hard to “soar with the eagles” when you are grounded in reality – I associate more with the demotivators at www.despair.com just because they are so funny than the motivational posters they mock, which don’t do much for me). But more and more I’m realizing that realism and cynicism are pretty similar, if not identical. I blame my past jobs, which have mainly been analyzing projects and finding the holes in them – it’s hard to be optimistic when all you see are the problems with any project. So, realizing that, it seems like I need to find a good sales person if I want to succeed in my own business to counteract my cynicism. But not too peppy – that would be too annoying.