One of the best things I’ve learned from reading all the self-help books (on getting wealthy, of course) is that you need to create multiple streams of income. I always believed, like most of us did, that having a stable job was far more secure than having your own business. But I can see now that the stable job is like having your own business with only one customer – if you lose that customer, say goodbye to 100% of your income. And very few jobs these days aren’t subject to the whims and emotions of managers, rational or not.

Don’t get me wrong – I still don’t advocate quitting your day job to start a business for which you don’t have the money. I do believe, however, that there are many businesses that you can start for very little money in your “down” time, while still keeping that stable paycheck. Hopefully, that gives you extra income while you’re working and possibilities if your day job should happen to become redundant. I’ve been trying to do this myself by starting a credit card website (check it out at – or, even better, click on a link there and sign up for a credit card). Why credit cards? I’ll discuss that later.