So after my private equity experience, I consulted for a while, working with another private equity firm and a streaming media company. (Great company, by the way… If you need any production or streaming media for your website, check them out – Consulting is supposed to be a great gig, because, so they say, you don’t have to get in and roll up your sleeves – you just make recommendations and let others do the dirty work.

My experience was very different than this, and I was pretty involved, at least in the top level strategy and valuation types of activities, and I really enjoyed the freedom involved, as well as helping the companies. The biggest problem with consulting, and most consultants will tell you this, is collecting your money. It’s hard to tell a company that they can’t afford to be paying their employees more because they have to pay your consulting fees…

So, angel investor seems perfect. Not only can you consult on a high level, but you are, in theory, independently wealthy, and thus, don’t have to collect fees if the business can’t support it. The best of both worlds – you are an owner, but not a drain on precious resources.